The Borderlands (Book One): Journey

by Aderyn Wood

YA Fantasy Adventure

Dale’s always been different. Too smart for the in-crowd at school who taunt her whenever they get the chance. Sometimes her smarts get the better of her, and when she finds herself telling the new, cute boy at school her deepest secret, the bullying reaches new levels, and weird things start to happen when the creatures from her childhood imagination suddenly reappear.

Things don’t get easier when Dale’s only friend is violently attacked by an evil sorcerer. An evil sorcerer who wants one thing: Dale.

She is set on a frantic escape and a dangerous quest to safety: the Borderlands. But what are the Borderlands? What exactly will they awake in her? And will she even make it to them? Suddenly, the school mean girls don’t seem so bad.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age