The Borderlands (Book One): Journey

by Aderyn Wood

Dale escapes the school bullies, but can she outrun a dark sorcerer?

‘It is urgent for you to reach the Borderlands. There, you will learn everything you need to know.’

Dale has never felt a sense of belonging. She despises the bullies and snobs at school, and her family are difficult to like, let alone love. Rhys, a new boy at school seems to take an interest in her, but when she tells him her deepest secret, the bullying reaches new levels.

And weird things start to happen. Like the creatures from her childhood imagination suddenly reappear.

When Old Man Gareth, Dale’s only friend in the world, is violently attacked by an evil sorcerer, she is set on a frantic journey and a lonely adventure; the Borderlands beckon. But what are the Borderlands? Will she make it to them? And if she gets there, will she belong?

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

The Borderlands (Book Two): War

by Aderyn Wood

She’s supposed to save the world with magic, but Dale can barely summon the most basic spell.

‘The saviour shall have fire for hair and emeralds for eyes – her heart knows both goodness and evil.’

The prophecy predicted Dale to be the saviour. It’s what everyone believed. But after a year of training, even a basic illumination spell proves impossible most of the time. How is she supposed to defeat the dark sorcerer and thwart the Unseelie horde that masses on the Arcadia border, bringing war to their doorstep?

Desperate to halt the destruction of her new world, and despite her flawed sorcery, Dale heeds the strange whispers in her dreams and embarks upon a dangerous and secret quest in an attempt to fulfill her part in the prophecy.

If successful, Dale could be their saviour after all…

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