The Blue Corsair

by Steven J Shelley

The Aegisi are a proud, intelligent race from the planet Solitude. Legend has it they are distant ancestors of a species fallen on hard times – humans.

The strength of the Aegisi is their ability to breathe on land and under water. Their weakness is the size of their empire – with only one planet to call home, they are vulnerable from all sides.

A lowly forager, Michael Danner dreams of one day becoming a corsair in the Aegisi Navy.

When he finds a way of crafting advanced body armor from freshwater kelp, his dream shifts closer to reality. But intergalactic politics have a knack of getting in the way of best laid plans.

The Cava05, rulers of a huge neighboring empire, make the Aegisi an offer seemingly too good to refuse – the ocean planet Cerulean.

The perfect home for an amphibious species like the Aegisi. But is it a gesture of good will or a sinister trap?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure