The Blood Service

by Allen Ivers

The Army has been called into service, leaving their garrisons on the remote mining colony of Vanguard on the edge of Imperial space. This has left the colony at the mercy of the local alien wildlife–vicious creatures that tear men limb from limb. Unable to stomach the order, young commander Marcus Riley defies his orders and holds his post with some select volunteers. But he’ll need to fill out their ranks if they are to survive…

Aaron Havenes was wrongfully convicted of murder and sentenced to a lifetime of hard labor. But his time in the Vanguard copper mines may be at an end. Riley is offering call criminals a shot at redemption: serve a tour and have your slate wiped clean.

What neither man could have known was that the alien powers in the mountains have other plans, and they’re going to use Aaron to see them done.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military