The Black Heart of the Station

by Jay Allan Storey

Delinquent or Prophet? Whichever teenager Josh Driscoll is, he may be his people’s only hope of salvation.

The Station is a city buried deep beneath the surface of a frozen, lifeless earth, its origins lost in the mists of time. Josh’s frequent rule-breaking exploits are focused on a single question – how did we get here?

But Josh goes too far when he steals a space-suit and escapes to the surface to explore.

As punishment, the governing Council, of which his father is a member, concscripts him to Saint Carmine’s, the Station’s resident monastery. At first desperate to escape, Josh finds himself drawn into the monastery’s ancient texts.

Deciphering a centuries-old scripture, Josh learns that the Black Heart, a computer complex sealed off after an ancient asteroid strike, may hold the answers he’s been seeking, and may be all that can save the Station from annihilation. When t

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic