The Big Bad Wolf: Book 1: Blood (A Fantasy Reincarnation Isekai Light Novel)

by 13 Pitch Black Cats

A mysterious entity grants a man who died a chance to live another life in a fantasy world,. In return, he must fight the demon king if he shows up.

He accepts and wakes in the body of a young female wolf beastkin named Lucia. Not the rebirth he was hoping for.

He soon learns that beastkin are not looked upon kindly in these parts and, because Lucia is an orphaned beastkin, she is drafted into the military. But this new body has its perks as well as its drawbacks. She possesses a hot temper, an incredibly youthful and strong body, and claws. However, the longer he is in this body, the willpower of his former life begins to yield to Lucia’s overwhelming primal instincts.

With the help and magic of an enigmatic female elf at an orphanage, Lucia may have a chance at controlling her violent nature as she contends with this harsh, new alien world.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery