The Beast of Basque

by Erin Hunt Rado

When Alerice Linden dies at the beginning of a story, you’re in for something good.

Having poisoned the town official who assaulted her and murdered her cousin, Alerice thought she could out-ride the Shire Reef, but after being stabbed she wakes in the Evherealme. There, Alerice discovers she is a natural-born Realme Walker, and she accepts the offer to serve the Raven Queen.

Assisting Alerice with guidance (and sarcasm) is Oddwyn, the Evherealme’s gender-fluid Herald. On her quest, Alerice meets Kreston Dühalde, a former brigade captain who is happy to fight at her side.

And what task does the Raven Queen assign? Slay a two-faced beast that preys upon innocent souls. Only, tasks aren’t always straightforward, and ‘beasts’ aren’t always mythical.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic