The Avant Champion: Rising

by CB Samet

An unlikely heroine faces impossible odds. A healer longs for adventure. Magic and mayhem collide in this award-winning epic fantasy adventure.

When Marrington Castle is overtaken by a dark and ancient evil, Abigail Cross finds herself in the precarious situation of protecting Queen Rebekah. Abigail travels the continent with a monk and a healer as they seek to find the artifacts to raise a legendary warrior. But an army of monsters seeks them and time is of the essence. Abigail faces impossible odds in raging waterfalls, dark caves, and icy mountain cliffs. Amidst the perilous challenges, Abigail’s resolve to summon the Avant Champion solidifies. But can she make the daunting and necessary sacrifices? Will Abigail save the kingdom or doom everyone to everlasting devastation?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery