The Autumn Fairy

by Brittany Fichter

“Katy knows little about her birth, but whatever she is, it’s certainly not human. In a land where humans hunt all who possess magic, the dark power within her has become too strong to hide. And if she cannot master her terrifying power soon, everyone she loves will pay.

While Katy is willing to sacrifice herself for others, Peter, her childhood friend, is not. But after vowing to save her, he learns that failure will spell his kingdom’s doom. And if unraveling the source of Katy’s power isn’t hard enough, a mysterious stranger from the forest reveals he has his own plans for Katy…and the rest of the isle.

To protect their home, Katy and Peter must face their worst fears about who and what they are and their true feelings for one another. If they don’t, everything they love will die.

The Autumn Fairy is the first book in The Autumn Fairy Trilogy, where fairies, humans, and legen

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Category: Fantasy – Epic