The Ascendant Series Complete Omnibus: Books 1 – 4

by Kyra Gregory

The King is dead.

His enemies want his daughter’s crown.

What length is she willing to go to keep it?

The complete series. 4 addictive books. 1,500+ pages full of treachery, deceit, cunning plans and forbidden romance.

Princess Sybelle never expected she’d have to fight a war to claim her throne. But, when her father’s sudden death leaves the peaceful kingdom of Lionessa under her protection, the King of Evrad offers her a terrible choice: marry his son, or have her kingdom destroyed.

Within weeks, Sybelle’s inexperience is mocked by the nobles, her brother is caught up in a political game meant to terrorise her, and her stubborn refusal to marry the untrustworthy prince leaves her on the brink of war, abandoned, and utterly alone.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic