The Arena

by R.B. Ellis

Gladiator meets Game of Thrones

“Thrilling, mystical, stunningly-done page-turner.”

Cael Brenion, a contracted combatant, kills to provide for his little brother. The peculiar stone in his weapon’s pommel gains the attention of Valeina, the chancelloress, which consequently attracts the eye of sadistic Chancellor Orik.

Cael discovers physical prowess means nothing in the psychological games of throne and politics, where he and his brother are nothing but pawns on a board.

Meanwhile, Agenayus, high priest and a disguised member of another race, struggles to keep the city’s ambitions within the borders of the mystical barrier that secretly protects the human race from the harmful magic beyond.

Ambitions clash, and the fate of a city and civilization will be decided by the outcome.

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Category: Dark Fantasy