The Amorphan Effect: Book One of the Universal Shapeshifter Series

by K. E. Brungardt

She’s the only known shapeshifter, but she’s not the only one with secrets.
Jessi is about to embark on a two-week journey to a far-off planet to become an exchange student at an alien university. She couldn’t be more thrilled. But seconds before departing, her mother tasks her with finding out the truth of how Jessi’s brother died on the same starship years before.

During the trip, Jessi discovers she can shapeshift, an impossibility in all of explored space. Is this new ability somehow connected to her brother? She also has sentient hair that can telepathically speak with her and perform many other tasks. It has an attitude, also.

Her hair and shapeshifting abilities will definitely be an asset during her investigation—as long as she’s able to keep them hidden from the humans and aliens onboard. When she uncovers a deadly conspiracy though, she’ll need help. Who among the passe

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Amorphan Adventure: Book Two of the Universal Shapeshifter Series

by K. E. Brungardt

Jessi has never been so alone, the only Human student at her city’s University on the alien planet, Amorpha.
Someone tried to kidnap her out of the midst of her bodyguards after classes one day. After this failed attempt, she and her Amorphan family are put into seclusion under guard in the wilderness while the authorities work to solve the mystery of who and why. Another kidnapping attempt fails, driving Jessi into the woods to evade capture after the intruders destroy their cabin and take her family hostage.
Now her family is missing and she must find a way to survive in the vast forest and figure out how to rescue them. She only has her sentient hair and her shapechanging abilities, thousands of miles from her home.
Can she find a way back to save her Amorphan family and be able to return to her own studies? Even her unique shapeshifting abilities might not be enough to survive a

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