The Alchemist’s Box

by Alex Avrio

Forced to take a mission working alongside a bitter enemy, mercenary Captain Regina Fitzwaters thinks she’s hit rock bottom. Five years ago she would have run him though with her saber. Now she must trust Kapitan Maximillian Jaeger with her life.
The mercenaries must battle terrors both human and supernatural while trekking the snowy passes to the lavish court of the Duchy of Pella. But the luxurious life in the Duchy hides darker secrets, and leaving might cost more than their lives.
To save thousands from a terrible fate, the mercenaries must escape, and head south to the ancient pyramid to attempt to lift the curse of the formidable Queen of the Night.
A swashbuckling, saber-wielding, muskets and magic mercenary adventure.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure