The Aeternum Chronicles Trilogy

by H.G. Chambers

Four young heroes stand against a tyrant with the power to shatter worlds.

The last of humanity huddles in the domed colony of New Arcadia, under the tyrannical rule of the Patriarch. Within it, a young man’s parents are executed, leaving him no choice but to escape into the wastelands. The willful girl he left behind discovers a secret too dangerous to ignore. A tactical minded soldier rises quickly through the ranks, though she does so at great personal cost. And a rich kid rejects his family’s wealth and status in order to fight for what he believes is right.

As the Patriarch’s cataclysmic plans come to fruition, they must all unite if they are to have any hope of saving humanity from extinction. Step into the Aeternum Chronicles, a world of secret magic, ancient technology, and heart-pounding adventure.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure