The Acktus Trials

by D. T. Kane

“Reading Books can get you killed.”

In the land of Oration, magic is cast by reading aloud words of power from Spoken Books. Only a select few are born with the ability to do so, and they are all enslaved, never taught to read. Thus, magic can only be cast if a spell is first read aloud to them by their wealthy masters.

Baztian is one of those slaves, relatively content with the safety of anonymity. But Baz has a secret–he knows how to read. When he’s chosen to accompany his master on a dangerous journey, his secret is revealed, and he must strike a bargain to keep his secret safe: use his power to help his master find a great treasure.

As they journey on, Baz must face wyrms, dragons, and the secrets hidden within the ruins of a once great library, including the dark evil that is imprisoned within. Read now to discover if Baz can survive and keep his secret safe!

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Category: Fantasy – Epic