The Accidental Apprentice

by Anika Arrington

Who in their right mind teaches a traumatized preteen magic? Ask Rezdin.
As the most skilled wizard in the isolated city-state of Havensgate, Rezdin is poised to impress the king. But his patron, the Baron Von Dappenshien, is charged with treason. Implicated in a sinister plot to overthrow the kingdom, all thoughts of courtly glory go out the window. Rezdin must go to ground in a city he hasn’t truly lived in for years. His only hope is Tommy, a savvy street urchin, determined to outwit his impoverished circumstances.
Tommy’s price for this help?
The power to heal his sister. But a little power can be a dangerous thing for a desperate young man, and a little ego just as dangerous for his teacher.
Forces foreign and domestic will put them both in the cross hairs of dangerous Darke wizards, scheming Lords and Ladies, and even a few friends.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic