The Absence of Soul

by Amanda Twigg

Use magic or hide it? Survival is one choice away.

A girl with Soul sight, called on to lead. Her Warrior people, exiled by magicians. Will Landra hide her power to broker peace or succumb and provoke war? Landra wants a quiet life: traveling the six cities, training as a Warrior, and looking for love. Her Chief Warrior father says, “fight me,” and everything changes.
Unorthodox training follows, but in a world where magic is despised, she must hide her growing power to protect her life, her family, and the soldiers she is sworn to lead. Seeing auras won’t help her this time.

The Absence of Soul is the first installment in a fantasy series exploring a collision military and paranormal of worlds through the eyes of a feisty heroine.
If you like original magic, intense conflict, and immersive adventure, you’re going to love this emotional ride through Amanda Twigg’s new world.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban