The Aberrant Sorceress

by Lady Dae

Rae is an aberrant. Mother Nature in human form. The only sorceress alive with an affinity for all known and unknown magics.

It’s the inheritance of the coveted knowledge of reality magic that has the magical world wanting to kill her.

With hostile magic practitioners living perfectly disguised amongst non-magical people—As celebrities. Influencers. Even politicians—all seeking to steal her inheritance, Rae’s fights and kills to not be killed.
She trusts no one. Except her dead benefactor’s former guardians. One of whom is Devdan. A sorcerer who Rae has a mutual inexplicable attraction toward.

When an unknown aberrant begins murdering other powerful magic practitioners, Rae becomes a reluctant ally with her would-be killers. Unwittingly, she unlocks secrets about why a reclusive sorcerer made her his heir and about Devdan, whose longing for her may be more sinister than romantic.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban