The 13

by M.M. Perry

Naomi is only two years from landing on the new planet she’ll call home. If only her ship can make it there.

Naomi has finally figured out how to permanently fix a deadly malfunction in the Magellan’s engines. A sister ship is willing to give her the part she needs to get safely to their new home. But everything goes awry when the sister ship goes dark without warning.

Mike is an obedient soldier. He’s done his duty and kept the civilians safe on the Magellan. He thought he was the perfect soldier. Then he met Naomi and his world came crashing down.

Mike and Naomi will travel to the Tereshkova together to learn what catastrophe has befallen their sister ship. What they find out in their journey together chills them to the bone. If he can’t save the civilians left on the Tereshkova, Mike doesn’t know how he’ll keep Naomi from falling to a similar demise.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera