by Jason Walker

Darren Mathews, a loving father married to his soulmate, Anna Mathews, are both devoted parents, living with their daughter, Dana, on a small island off the coast of Florida. They seem to have the perfect family life, but they are hiding a dangerous secret: they both work for the Orange Corporation, an umbrella company of the CIA controlled by the shadow government. From aliens to giants, they have seen all that the Hidden Hand has kept from the world. Almost.
When a routine recovery mission puts Darren face-to-face with original Tesla documents, he makes an impulsive decision, which will alter the course of not only his own fate but the fates of his wife and daughter forever. What will Darren do with the Tesla notes and diagrams? Will the shadow government discover what he has done? And will Anna turn her husband over to the Hidden Hand, or will she stick with him ’til the end?

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


by Jason Walker

Former SAS Super soldier – Darren Mathews is done waiting for Trump to provide the world with full disclosure. He’s decided that it’s time for the truth to come out but will people wake up in time before the Deep State and the Shadow Government make their move to collapse the United States?

He knows from his wife’s murder that being a Whistleblower comes with a high price to pay, but the Cabal will soon learn that there’s no greater enemy than a man who’s prepared to lose everything for what they believe in. How will the Hidden Hand deal with such a person if they were to go public and reveal what they knew about UFO’s and man made antigravity craft? Who would come out on top if that happened? Darren plans to find out.

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