Terry From Another Dimension: A Science-Fiction Comedy in 42 Chapters

by Paul Mathews

Meet Terry. He’s a likeable layabout living in London, 2056 – the self-styled happiest city in what’s left of the world. He loves his mood-soup, bar snacks, and hanging out with his best buddy Godric in MegaPub-19 bar central. He’s just an average guy. Except for one minor detail. Terry is from another dimension.

But here’s the thing. Nobody on Planet Earth knows this startling fact. Not even Terry. After banging his head on arrival, he lost all memories of his previous life. And, six months later, his true identity still remains locked in his battered brain – like an atomic ID bomb.

Who is the real Terry? Is he on a mission? Does he have a lift home? Or will he have to hitchhike back to his own galaxy? All these questions, and more, will be answered in this science-fiction comedy in 42 chapters that may – or may not – teach you something about life, the universe and everything!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure