by Craig A. Falconer

They were heading for Venus. Somewhere else found them first…

When a sudden and inexplicable impact sends a spacecraft bound for a distant research station hurtling towards a previously unseen and equally inexplicable planet, responsibility for the safety of its inexperienced passengers immediately falls on Ivy ‘Holly’ Wood, a former poster-child of the public space program now fleeing Earth’s tyrannical leadership.

The mysterious planet’s startlingly Earth-like atmosphere initially breeds optimism among Holly’s group of stranded survivors, but before long it becomes clear that Earth’s rules don’t apply and that nothing can be taken for granted.

With all hopes of escape dependent on discovering the true nature of this increasingly hostile planet, Holly and her fellow survivors know only one thing for sure: their newly discovered world will not give up its secrets without a fight.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Exploration