Terminal Sequence

by Dan Alatorre

As a world famous geneticist…

…Dr. Hauser has killed thousands.

Could his ultimate plan be more sinister than they thought?

Detective Hank DeShear’s life hangs in the balance. He needs the treatment, or he won’t make it. But he’s got another problem…someone is hunting him. None of that matters if he and Trinn can’t stop Angelus Genetics’ illegal, death-plagued genetic engineering program.

Where is the Dr. Hauser?

Some say he’s dead.

If so, who is kidnapping the crypto biologists?

As someone at Angelus continues their work, they’ve found allies among the political elite. Bribes and threats buy breathing room.

Could a 5-year old girl be the key?

The ultimate showdown looms.

Will DeShear and Trinn survive long enough to bring down Angelus Genetics?

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering