Temple of the Inner Flame

by Amber Fisher

Necromancer Kezia Bernard’s ability is a blessing and curse. While speaking with the dead has its advantages, her power is overshadowed by a crushing affliction. One that has cost her all she holds dear. Her only hope for salvation is to finally find the missing link between her present and an unknown past.

When a dear friend asks Kezia to investigate a haunting at the temple of a high-profile cult, she reluctantly agrees. But she’s not prepared when a cult member mysteriously burns to death by supernatural fire.

She’s even less prepared when she discovers the evil tormenting the temple has kindled the same scorching magic within her, too.

If she can’t destroy the source of the fire smoldering within her, even the powerful protection of her ancestors won’t save her from a twisted fate that ventures far beyond death…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban