Tarak: Blood Dictates All

by Sage Patel

On the planet Tarak, bloodlines hold immense power, and the society is known for its independence and strength. It is governed by King Relaa, who possesses a unique ability called Sight, making him a formidable leader. Tarak has remained isolated from the galactic government known as the Syndicate, but a growing galactic civil war forces them to get involved.

Ehreo, a high-ranking Citadel agent, investigates a terrorist plot on Tarak that leads him to uncover a centuries-old prophecy linked to King Relaa. This prophecy may hold the key to the unfolding events, but it also poses a potential threat to the entire universe. As tensions rise, questions arise about Relaa’s invincibility, Ehreo’s success, and Tarak’s ability to withstand internal and external pressures in the face of an impending galactic conflict.

Previously $5.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera