Tapestry of Night

by Elm Vince

The stars promised Cassia great magic.
But this gift feels more like a curse…

When Cassia’s newfound empathic powers get an old friend captured and imprisoned, her sudden gift feels more like a curse.

To help save her, Cassia is drawn into a high-stakes plot to spy on the tyrannical, anti-magic government for a group of rebel mages.

Disguised as a noble, Cassia must help break the captured mages from their impenetrable prison. Unsurprisingly, a novice empath who can’t trust her own feelings isn’t the best at spying. Or romance, either, for that matter.

With her emotions running wild, it’s no wonder the ministers are growing suspicious. Especially a certain tall, dark, and bronze-eyed minister who’s tracking her every move…

But if her uncontrollable powers – or her heart – give away who she truly is, and she fails to free the trapped mages, magic users everywhere will pay the price.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic