Tangled Dreams

by Cecilia Dominic

Sleeping magic awakened. Ancient deities shattering myths. Can one independent woman survive the games of gods?

Audrey Sonoma is bored out of her skull. And though she relishes the autonomy of her freelance career reviewing restaurants, she craves a spicier existence. But when the crazy purple dragon in her dreams spills into reality, she’s stunned to discover she’s endowed with supernatural power… and tasked with saving a goddess.

Teaming up with a cute cop, Audrey struggles to fend off the beasts and demons spewing out from a paranormal disaster. And as nightmares threaten to consume the world, she’s desperate to control her abilities before the deadly whims of Greek immortals claim her life and her only shot at love.

Can she master her mythical gifts and stop the mischievous creatures from destroying the waking realm?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban