Tan Skulks

by Max Anthony

Tan Skulks is a man on a mission. Except he’s not really a man and now he’s not sure what his mission is any more. Summoned to the ancient city of Hardened to investigate a series of murders, he finds that the grisly deaths are only a tiny part of the city’s problems. While a vicious beast stalks the streets, a newly-emboldened Rat God is trying to subvert the city. Wizards and assassins lurk in places they are most certainly not welcome to lurk in.

Now the indomitable Skulks must follow a series of leads to find out who or what is behind this catalogue of mischief. As a Wielder, he is never far from trouble—much of it of his own making. Using his powers of stealth and a not-quite-human ability to drink, steal, cheat and fleece his way through a city full of cynical citizens, Skulks must race against time to solve the mystery. Can he do it and escape with his thieving mitts intact?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery