Taming of the Few

by Rowan Dillon

The magnetic poles have shifted. Powers ignite in their veins. Newly transformed Unhidden are unleashed on the world…
Anna Taylor is barely holding her anxiety at bay. With scales growing on her body and shocking magic now at her command, the teacher flees after being outed by a student and attacked by an angry mob. And after arriving at a safehouse on a farm in Ireland for training and protection, she feels unprepared for her first mission to neutralize an explosive threat.

Vietnam vet Maximilian Hurley subdues his demons with drink. So when the troubled pilot loses his play to a mysterious fire, and an Unhidden agent comes to Australia to recruit him, he doesn’t have much to lose. Teaming up with Anna, the tough-talking Aussie battles through his PTSD as they save Cork from a devastating bombing.
Can Anna, Max, and the squad stem a tsunami of chaos and death?

Previously $4.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban