Tam Lin: A Modern, Queer Retelling

by T.J. Deschamps

After a breakup with his boyfriend, Tom travels to Ireland. While touring the Emerald Isle, he begins having mysterious sightings of strange horses. He has the distinct feeling of being watched no matter where he goes.
Tom forgets he’s either in danger or losing his mind, when he meets married tour guides Fergus and Aoife. He finds himself daydreaming of a life with the charming couple.
Is Tom falling in love or should he heed his earlier sense of foreboding, not to mention Fergus’s cryptic warnings, and go home?

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales

Warrior Tithe

by T.J. Deschamps

Present and past collide. Warrior Tithe features the outset story of Fergus and Aoife caught in a continuous cycle of hunting the reincarnations of Tamlin, luring him to the faerie, and watching yet another iteration of their former lover die.
The inset story takes place in the distant past when Fergus was Fagan, a poor cottar. Prospects of any type of future for Fagan were bleak. Everything changes when he finds a kelpie caught in an iron snare. The kelpie transforms into a beautiful fae. She promises to take him to the Queen of the Sidhe, who will make him a fae warrior.
Aoife has troubles of her own. She’s not simply an emissary from Emain Ablach traveling to Sidhe court as she’s told Fagan. She’s the daughter of the god of the sea and running from a marriage to the sorcerer king Cu Roi Mac Daire.
Mac Daire will never let her go. His kingdom and life depend on it.

Previously $2.99