Talon the Slayer

by A. A. Warren

One hundred battles in the galaxy’s deadliest arena…

That’s how many victories Talon must claim to earn his freedom as a gladiator on planet Akaros. But when he makes his final kill and earns the title of Talon the Slayer… he discovers it was all a lie. He will forever be a slave.

A mysterious alien sorceress named Salena holds the key not only to his freedom, but to his past. Amnesia, a byproduct of a life-pod malfunction, has stolen his memories. But Salena has access to dark energy magic, a starship, and a ragtag mercenary crew that might just be skilled enough to make Talon a free man.

When an ancient warlord devastates the galaxy with a weapon of unimaginable power, Salena’s mission takes Talon into the most dangerous battle he’s ever faced. It will take the secrets locked in Talon’s memories—as well as his trusty plasma axe—to stop the dark forces that threaten the galaxy…

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera