Taking Medusa

by S.M. McCoy

Now that the gods have found me… I’m destined to die.

In a game between gods and monsters, my fate is entwined with my heart, and saving Atlantis, saving Poseidon… could mean sacrificing more than my life, but the lives of all the monsters that came before me and all the ones yet to surface.

My name is Aless, and according to Apollo’s prophecy the Dark Gods will rise because of who and what I am.

Hades wants me to join him. Zeus is still bitter about an age-old prophecy that the dark gods, the monsters of Tartarus, will rule Olympus. And Poseidon is the key to everything, maybe even my heart, but his son, Triton, rules Atlantis, and I accidentally killed his daughter, Coraline.

Can I save myself, let alone the future of Atlantis from the coming war between the gods?

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends