Takin’ It Back

by Ash Krafton

Twenty-year-old Aerie hates her job: she’s the repo girl for her dad’s magical supply shop. She’d rather be the new Acquisitioner but Pop says it’s a job for someone who finds things, not loses them. Unfair, since the only thing she ever lost was some crummy old book when she was just a kid. When she finds a file on a mysterious amulet, she sees the perfect opportunity to prove her worth to her father—and goes after it.

Collateral recovery is a nasty business. What makes repossession even nastier is when the collateral possesses you. Sure, demonic possession comes in handy on a repo but no one flirts with damnation without being tainted. And, if that doesn’t suck enough, turns out the spirit may be your dead-beat mom, who wants your father—the only family you have left—dead…because he’s the one that trapped her there.
Gonna be one Hell of a family reunion.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College