by Tyler J. Yates

Travis Edison is stuck, his life on hold since his dad’s accidental death 12 years ago. Finally, a career prospect arises the very night he meets his perfect match, Meg. What are the odds? But weeks in the Utah mountains leave Travis spinning his wheels and Meg doubting his rationality. Travis’s intuition is warning him that something from his past is stalking. And it isn’t human.

Carl Jung is the world-renowned psychiatrist with a pet theory, synchronicity, about meaningful coincidences. He’s also been dead for 60 years. Diverting him from the hereafter, Jung’s Maker asks him to analyze the meaningful coincidences in Travis’s life. They’re piling up- but why?

As crisis hits home and his world spirals out of control, Travis battles his demons to belatedly uncover life’s deeper meaning. But his fate is not his to determine. Carl Jung must make that choice. The ultimate decision…

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary