by D.J. Erfert

Listening to other people’s thoughts can be fatal.

After a horrific car crash robs Gabriella Williams of all her memories, she works to rehab her legs while trying to regain her lost power of speech—and to remember her husband who walked away from the wreck uninjured.

With the help of a top doctor and his new experimental speech therapy, Melodic Intonation Therapy, Gabby’s synapses are rerouted, awakening parts of her brain better left alone. What seems like an unpredictable disturbing side effect, she quickly discovers her ability to listen to the emotional thoughts of people around her—some good, and a few terrifyingly wicked.

While still in rehab, Gabby finds herself at the receiving end of a murderous plot. With the help of her roommate’s uncle, Jace Wright, a DC Hill security guy, the deadly scheme is foiled, but she’s still in danger from an obscure unknown threat.

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure