Syn City: Reality Bytes

by Lewis Knight

He’s a mentally-enhanced hacker; she’s a cyborg cop. They’re supposed to work on opposite sides of the law … until a common threat targets them both.

Specter is a thief and hustler addicted to Elysia: a virtual reality world where limits don’t exist, and he can have everything he desires. His illegal activities put him in the crosshairs of Cyber Corp, a lethal government agency specializing in hunting down the most wanted fugitives.

Enigma is a Scyther: a former criminal forced to work for Cyber Corp after being enhanced as a super-soldier. A device implanted in her skull keeps her loyal, even when hunting down members of her old team. And now, she has a new assignment: tracking down and eliminating Specter.

If you like fast-paced cyberpunk thrillers in the vein of the Matrix, you’ll love Syn City. Be sure to pick your copy up today!

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk