Sword of Ruyn

by RG Long

The lone survivor of a horrible shipwreck, Ealrin may be destined for greatness. He just can’t remember who he is.

Cared for by the grizzled general Holve, he discovers that Ruyn is a continent plummeting towards genocide.

Holve’s country thrives on the coexistence of elves, dwarves, and men, but rumors and bigotry push the land toward bloodshed. Drawn into the conflict, Ealrin meets Blume, a teenage girl struggling to hold onto the peace she’s always known. But her family hides a secret that could change the tides of battle.

Will Earlin choose to find the past he lost? Or will he prevent the annihilation of Ruyn?

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic

Magic of Ruyn

by RG Long

While armies of goblins and men enclose around them, Ealrin and his companions have little time to mourn.

Despite the overwhelming odds and growing numbers to rise up against him, Ealrin leaves on a desperate quest. Aid must be called upon or Ruyn will be lost.

Once dwarves, elves, and men were united against a common enemy. Could such an alliance be revived?

With each passing moment, hatred and genocide marches ever closer. Is there enough time left to stop it, or has the tide of battle overtaken an already beleaguered resistance?

As the fight rages on, Blume is forced into a role that no one saw coming: a spy in enemy territory.

Previously $5.99