Sword of Betrayal

by Robert Evert

Edris’ lay-about life of privilege ends abruptly when his father, announces that his son will enter the military in the spring. Edris has only six months to ready himself to serve a king who despises his family and will undoubtedly make his life beyond miserable.

About to crack under the pressure, Edris seeks a way to get out from under his father’s heavy thumb. A solution presents itself in the latest Kings’ Quest. According to the royal proclamation, the adventurer who finds the fabled Sword of Betrayal will win one thousand gold pieces, money Edris could use to start his own life with the woman he loves.

Edris proposes to undertake the quest in order to get in better shape; however, Lord Elros has another idea—Edris will undertake the quest so he can get close to, and kill, the king’s son.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic