Sword Nation Book 1 – House of Rahilius

by A. J. Ross

Days before seventeen year old Lincoln’s wedding, a ship from the neighboring planet Kayora arrives with passengers fleeing enslavement by the Prime Minister and infamous pirate Rahilius!

Instead of coming to their aid, the council on Graiis chooses to remain neutral. An enraged Lincoln defies the council, vowing to become a savior of the oppressed. He learns the necessary skills to journey to Kayora and kill Rahilius.

Meanwhile, a Southern City rebel seeks to spark a revolution and unite the divided society on his home planet, Kayora. He convinces a mysterious warrior princess to shed propriety, and help him recruit, arm, and train his supporters to fight for their freedom.

One hero. One warrior. One rebel. Three paths converge to start one holy war against the Kayorian Empire. But Rahilius is more than he seems, and underestimating him will come at great costs.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic