Survivalist Reality Show: The Complete Series

by Grace Hamilton

Survivalist Reality Show: The Complete Series includes three post-apocalyptic novels, Surviving the Swamp, Surviving the Refuge, and Surviving the Elements.

Skin of Your Teeth Survival is a reality show made famous for pairing part-time survivalists with a real-life survival situation. Always carefully planned out by world-famous Prepper and Survivalist Wolf Henderson, season ten promises to be different. This time none of the contestants are survivalists. They’ve all been picked to fail.

But when an EMP hits, the cast scatters and Wolf is left to care for a husband and wife team, a quietly scrappy chick, and a bumbling scientist. At the spur of the moment, Wolf offers them safety at his island bug-out location and takes off with his ragtag team to move through the wild and dangerous swampland of Florida…

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic