Survival Aptitude Test: Sound

by Mike Sheriff

Mass extinctions have ravaged the Earth. Humans are the last species standing. In this blighted world, one test decides your fate. Your vocation, fitness to reproduce, and social status depend on its outcome. So does your life.

Daoren and Heqet have an even chance of celebrating their 20th birthdays. Like every 19-year-old prospect in their city-state, they must sit the Survival Aptitude Test. Only the smartest pass. The rest are harvested.

If they can learn to work together, the two prospects may uncover the answers for saving humanity. But they must first navigate a horrific reality bent on proving one terrifying truth: Extinction is the Rule; Survival is the Exception.

If you enjoy dystopian classics like Soylent Green and Logan’s Run, then you’ll love this modern twist on humanity’s last gasp.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Survival Aptitude Test: Fury

by Mike Sheriff

Four survivors must put the horrors of the grooll mill behind them to save their city-state. Pursued by merciless enemies, they battle their way out of Daqin Guojin and venture across the acidic Sea of Storms.

Their objective? Track down a fabled food source in the wastelands of the Great Saharan Desert. The plan reeks of suicide, but the fate of humanity’s starving masses hangs in the balance.

Hunted by ruthless Jireni and haunted by the prospect of human extinction, the four fugitives will face adversities that test their ability to survive like no other. With Daqin Guojin spiraling into bloody insurrection, the stakes have never been higher.

Will they succeed and bring a new order—and new hope—to their dying city-state?

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