Sunset Lands Beyond Box Set

by Sarah Ashwood

Before saving another realm, she must learn to save herself.

Meet Hannah Winters, an ordinary college student from an average, middle-class family. She’s nothing special…until the day she discovers that she is.

Being told you carry latent magic and are the fulfillment of ancient savior prophecies in a parallel world, Aerisia, isn’t something anyone expects. Hannah is no exception. However, a brand-new realm filled with fairies, dragons, immortal warriors, Moonkind, giants, and more are depending on her to save them from the encroaching Dark Powers. When there’s no one else, you have to rise to the occasion.

Join our reluctant heroine as she uncovers the truth of her heritage, navigates a foreign land, learns to wield magic, and wades through the murky waters of treachery, deceit, and love, to one day make a stand against the most powerful evil in Aerisia.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery