Succubus in Seattle

by J.R. Thorn

My friends call me Sonya ~ Mr. Anderson calls me the Black Widow ~ You can call me “Succubus”

Sonya, a succubus, struggles with her affliction. She can have any man she wants, until she screws them to death. That’s why she’s tried a girlfriend on for size, but a girl’s still got to eat. Being a lesbian would be great if only Sonya were human. Unfortunately, she’s not, and she needs to feed to survive.

The trail of bodies has led Detective Anderson to Seattle. He’s determined to find hard evidence and put Sonya away for good. Normally a man would be no match for a succubus, yet Sonya’s powers seem to have no effect on the determined detective.

Dubbed the “Black Widow,” Sonya must evade the law until she can find a way to overcome her curse, which means finding the Blood Stone, the relic that killed her mother.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban