Successor of Magic

by Jonathon Mcelhaney

Na’va never knew of the world as it was in the days without magic, or the before time when it was held by even the most audacious of wielders. The scars of a past misuse of what has now become a limited resource still etch their way across the county. Strongly regulated by the Serator Authority, the use of magic has become both a right of passage, as well as a closely guarded privilege. Now she waits impatiently to earn her magic license, an honor only bestowed on worthy citizens when they come of age. However, as Na’va hones her knowledge and skills as a tinkerer under the tutelage of her grandfather Macifer, a near death experience uproots any plans she may have had for the future. It will now take a quick wit, steady training, and a climb against escalating status in order to not only earn her rights to wield magic, but to stand among those who hold authority over it.

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk