by Austin Finch

STRINGS is an action-packed, existential sci-fi horror that challenges the very mythos of the cosmos. Beyond space and time, beyond the gods of reality, something was consuming it all.

Daniel was lost; torn from his own reality and trapped in a violent universe of old gods, enigmas, and decay. The corporeality around him no longer followed the logic of time or physics, and the threat to his life was becoming more real with each breath.

A mysterious condition, known only as The Syndrome, threatens the existence of four remaining deities. As his sanity unravels and dissolves like the rotting flesh of the nightmarish beast that hunted him, Daniel must fight to understand the truth of his significance to these gods. Only then may he find a way out of these convolutions of reality before his own mind succumbs to madness.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends