by Ann Christy

Karas has earned everything she has the hard way, even the strike on her neck. Life in the dry lands of Texas isn’t fun. It’s all about survival. Her friends, Cassie and Connor, don’t have it much better, but together they’ve managed to carve out a life.

With one eye over their shoulders and one on the next meal, they live in constant fear. In Texas there are no prisons. For each crime, a tattoo is marked on the offender’s neck – a strike. Five strikes earns the label of habitual criminal and a quick death sentence.

Already sporting a strike at the age of sixteen doesn’t bode well if Karas is looking for a long life. When the guy Karas has crushed on since grade school risks his own strike-free neck to help her one day, everything goes wrong. Her entire group of friends is put into life and death jeopardy and there’s only one way to survive.

They have to go Striker.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian