by Ann Christy

Breaking the law in the Republic of Texas is a dangerous undertaking: One offense earns a strike, and five strikes is a death sentence. Sixteen-year-old Karas already has one strike on her neck, which doesn’t bode well for a long life.

When her friends risk everything to help her see her five-strike father one last time, everything goes wrong. If they’re discovered, all their lives might be forfeit. The group is left with one final and terrifying option. They can escape Texas and venture into the dangerous, fractured land that used to be called the United States. They can go Striker.

Even if they succeed, they could still lose everything, but they might gain something they could never have imagined: Freedom.

Strikers is book one in the gripping, dystopian adventure in the Strikers Trilogy by USA Today Bestselling Author – Ann Christy

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian