Stratotech 027

by M.T. Lancet

Rexala wants one thing: to know how her father died. But that’s a military secret.

When she is taken to a military base in the upper atmosphere, Rex discovers she is a cyborg enhanced to survive at high altitudes. The best fighter will become alpha and get access to all the Alliance’s military intel – including the details of her father’s death.

But training will test more than physical strength. It will call on parts of Rex that have been pushed down by abuse: the ability to trust, to work with others, and even to love. And with everyone around her involved in sinister plots, determined to win the alpha position, it will make Rex’s task near impossible.

If she makes alpha, she and her team will face the most dangerous terrorist group in the world. The survival of the free world will be in her hands. But it will all be worth it to find out how her father died.

Or if he did.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian