Strands of Time

by Kris Ruhler

An invasion threat. A guardian in peril. A 17-year-old boy to save them all.
All Kallum wants is a peaceful life in Levitor city with the girl of his dreams. He has life all planned out. But after a simulation test unexpectedly leaves him reeling, normal takes a whole different meaning.
Worse than all of this? He finds he’s the cause of the fracture in the aetherium, a stone of vast energy that powers the dome protecting Levitor. Now the threat of invasion from the savages outside looms.
It’s up to Kallum to fix the aetherium and save Levitor. He will have to choose where he belongs and what is really worth sacrificing for the greater good.
Will he have the courage to do what must be done?
Welcome to the Aeterna Chronicles.
If you love ya sci-fi, portal fantasy, time travel, and a touch of romance, don’t miss Kris Ruhler’s debut novel. Complete series now avai

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age