Storm Dragons: an Epic Fantasy Cinenovel

by L.S. Reis

To ensure that the horrors of war would not return, the priests created a sacred order, the Storm Dragons, warriors prepared from childhood, for one single purpose: never to be defeated and thus preserve peace. For centuries they have fulfilled their mission.

However, an ancient prophecy is about to take place: the Immortal will be revealed, hauling the Dragon Champions through the gates of death, bringing the ultimate war and the end of the Three Nations. At the same time, the priests have visions of the birth of Zairos, a warrior whose choices can change the fate of the world.

But when an old enemy returns to take it all from him again, Zairos divides himself between duty and revenge, on a path that can unleash the immortal forces of the ancient prophecy in an unprecedented war, destroying everything he has sworn to protect.

Experience now this awarded and thrilling epic saga.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic